Thursday, May 29, 2008

The gnome

A few weeks ago Ed and I were coming home late and have noticed one of our neighbors had a gnome on their window seal.  In a moment of desperation, I grabbed the gnome and ran back to our apartment.  We know the couple fairly well and it just so happened that Jon (the guy who owns the gnome) was teaching a lesson in Elder quorum on Sunday.  He sightly mentioned the gnome in his lesson and how they had realized that morning that it was missing. Ed and I drove down to AZ a few weeks ago and decided to take him with us. The pictures on the 35 MM turned out really bad (I'm in half of them) and we thought it would be a good idea to have a back up with the digital.  We set up an email address for the gnome ( and emailed Jon with the picture to the right and email listed below.  

Dear family,
Sorry to be so abrupt in my departure, but the price gas was shooting up and I had to leave while I could still afford it.  I finally got to an Internet cafe so I could write you.  I found a fabulous town I think you would love it.

havin a crazy time
Nome Robinson

John forwarded me your email.
Thank you for letting us know you are alright! We were so sorry when you disappeared. It was a tough blow.

For a long time, John and I blamed ourselves. We did not protect you as we should have.
Leaving you in the snow and rain. Not giving you a proper name. You probably felt so homeless.
We were not shocked when you left. But feel so relieved that you are doing well.

Thank you again for dropping your line. Please write often and send us a post card (i trust you remember the address) or email us a picture of where you are!

We miss you everyday and hope you will come home soon.
John and Kat

Anyway, we plan on sending pictures and emails over the next few days to Jon and Kat.  We'll keep updates coming.

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