Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I tried to send an photo with my last email but I have a hard time typing while holding a butterfly in one hand and keeping him still and steading my balance sitting on a mushroom with my rounded bottom.

Hello Mr. Gnome,

I have recently learned of your existence and simultaneously of your disappearance. Your parents miss you dearly. Might I enquire as to your whereabouts and you plans for the future? Feel free to visit your auntie and uncle in Dallas at any time. Our house is always open.

Aunt Steph

RE: Bobbin & BBQin
Hello family,

I meet a delightful black furry creature. It invited me to celebrate Memorial day with it and its family. A little odd, I thought, its greatest prized possession was a ball. my prized possession is my hat. that dog ran all day after a tennis ball only to give it up and chase after it again...just silly. The dog was a real nice fellow, gave me a kiss (at least that's what the humans called it, seemed more like a bath to me (lots of them actually...maybe it was the bbq chicken smell that it wanted to "kiss" off.

I had a lovely bbq on memorial day. I helped grill some chicken, I suggested we use ol' greatgrandpagnome's recipe, in remembrance of the dear man. He was only 783 years old when he was eaten by a troll in the old country. he knew how to bbq. everyone loved the recipe. I'm am off in seach of some fashion I'll let you know how it goes

How was your memorial day?

Gnome Robinson

Again, so wonderful to hear from you. I am a bit concerned for your safety as your adventures seem to bring you near danger often. That giant shaggy beast was at least 20 times your size with long, long teeth and probaby enough saliva in which to drown yourself. Take care that he doesn't bite your head off. I am not surprised to hear that you are doing well with the ladies. You are a looker, son. Continue to keep us posted on your journey, I look forward to seeing what adventure you will encounter next....

RE: America’s next top model
Hello Family,

Greetings from Colorado City, its a rather quant town. Peaceful, relaxing,
with small town charm. I was in search of fashion and wOOOee did I find
it! I attached a picture with me on the runway with the girls. Its a
little racy, I know, but even us simple nomes have a wild side, he he he. I
found the chief seamstress of the town and asked her how she does it,
comeing out with one fabulous design after another I mean She told me,
"little gnome, you are a darling, but some things are best kept as secrets."
I think the small town boys are getting jealous of all the attention the
ladies are giving me. They do like to hear my travelin stories and how life
is like back in the big city, so I will be continuing my journey.

Gnome Robinson

RE: I hope my Ears Pop
Dear Familia,

I have taken a few days to relax (the fashion industry is a wild and crazy life). I have been watching the travel channel and I have decided that my adventure is just not big enough. I need to see more. I need to get back to my roots. so I am hitting the friendly skies and seeing all this world has to offer.

Gnome Robinson

RE: Tudo Bem
Oi familia,

Beinvindos do Brasil,

I decided to continue going south. I hitched a ride with some workers going back to Mexico. I then hitched from norte para sul. I macheted my way through the jungle and swam across the panama canal. then I macheted through more jungle. I hid some crack from the crack farmers in the mountains. they started to come after me for my deeds so I grew El Mustache to disguise myself, they never knew it was me. I found a friendly chinchilla, it gave me a ride on its back. I came to the mighty amazon river where I swam for my life as piranhas were nibbleing on my toes. I crossed fields of sugar cane. A nice man named Pedro gave me some acai juice to boost my antioxidant levels (no gnome wants to get cancer). I headed for the coast towards the land of carnival, Rio de Janeiro. unfortunately I missed the big celebration but its always party time in Brazil. I climbed up a tall mountain till my little gnome feet were sore and have me a picture with the Cristo Redentor. I'm at the airport but my flight is about to leave so I must go.

Gnome Robinson

From John
Please stay away from the crack farmers! We always hoped you would stay away from drugs! I am glad that you are enjoying your travels, the front porch just isn't the same without you. When we move into our new place we plan on having you stay inside more so You don't have to brave the harsh elements.


From Stephanie
Hi Mr Nome!!! We too are heading off for a worldwide adventure. Can you meet me in Rome on the 20th?? I'd love to see you there....xoxoxoxxo

RE: Jolly good day chaps
Dearest family,

I jetted off to England to see the queen. they told me I couldn't see the queen which is rubbish. So I went to see hogwarts, but no one knew how to get to hogwarts, which is rubbish. I did have some yorkshire pudding that were scrumdiddilyumptious. I watched a game of football. I was sitting next to some hooligans which made for a rather enjoyable crowd. After the game ( and nearly avoiding a riot) I hopped on a double decker bus and saw the town while eating some strawberrys. much to do, much to do.

Gnome Robinson

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