Monday, June 16, 2008

Kung Pao Gnome

Dear Family,

greetings from Juyongguan China. After leaving Egypt I set my heart on something spicy so I took my camel and rode along the spice trails. My camel and I stopped in India for some chicken kurma that was fiery hot but oh so delicious. I wanted to see the great wall as many a gnome story has been told about the giant wall which in gnome stories protected the largest garden where only the nicest gnomes are allowed to garden. Its a big wall but not exactly a giant garden, although Chinese hats are pointed like gnome hats and they are short like us gnomes, huh.

Stephanie my darling, I'm afraid my travels will not allow me to meet you in Rome, could we arrange a rendezvous in Bali?

gnome robinson

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Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Hi Ed and Brooke. I am glad to see you have a blog. What are you guys up to? When is the big move?