Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fresh Herb Bread Dough

We have been baking bread the last couple weeks.  the first loaf of bread we tried came out pretty well.  So we though we would try making our own sourdough. you make the started by leaving flour and water out and whatever is in the air starts growing in the dough - kind of gross.  Ed made the dough up from the starter and kneaded it for over half an hour.  in the end it came out hard, the shell was like toasted pita bread.  Ed thinks he kneaded in too much flour.  The bread tasted good, it was sweet not sour even though there was no sugar in the recipe.   I tried some french bread a few days later.  In our warm apartment the dough rises super fast.  I let it rise and punched it down (my favorite part) a couple times.  We baked it and it worked but it wasn't that great. 

I got a book from the library titled, Artisan bread in five minutes a day.  It talks about the "bread dough revolution"  basically you add more water, which allows you to store the dough in the fridge for up to 2 weeks so you can use it when you wish.  (one problem with our failed bread is that it was dry and heavy which we think is due to the warm dry utah air which dries out the dough despite attempts to keep the dough moist. This is the olive oil recipe.  I added fresh basil from the farmer's market and minced garlic cloves.  The apartment smells fantastic.  this is the risen dough 

We decide to use the herb dough to make pizza on the grill.  we debated putting the dough directly on the grill which many people do, but decided to use the pizza stone.  our toppings were a little limited but we used cheddar cheese some diced sausage jerky, and some lemon herb chicken.  I made the sauce from scratch and added a bunch of spices like oregano and basil, it turned out really well.  The grill makes some delicious pizza; it gets a lot hotter than an oven.  It tasted just like a fancy Italian restaurant.  And the outdoor grill doesn't heat the house up in summer. 


jhertz10 said...

Hey Ed and Brooke:

Thanks for trying our bread (I’m one of the co-authors)! Come visit us at our website/blog (, where you can post questions into any “Comments” field, or by clicking on “Bread Questions” on the left side of the home page and choosing an option from there. We answer pretty quickly, and the last several posts (other than the bread pudding) have focused on doing the bread outside on the gas grill, so you don't heat up the house.

Jeff Hertzberg

Porters said...

I am should post your recipes here too, I would love to try the bread and apple crisp!