Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happily employed

The craziest thing happened today. I had applied for a job with this spinal disorders clinic in Phoenix a month or so ago. I went to the interview, was offered the job, and turned it down because I had been here a little less than a week and thought I might be happier doing something else. Since then, nothing has come of finding a job here. Hundreds of people are out of work and the jobs are few and far between. I've been taking a medical coding course for the last week or so and still keep in touch with the women who interviewed me from the spinal clinic because she is CPC certified and was giving me tips as to how I should go about receiving my certification. She called me today and asked me if I was still looking for a job. Anyway, I start Friday!


katie kortman said...

So cool! I am happy you found something:) Oh and I think my hair accessories would look THE BOMB DOT COM in your hair. you always have the cutest styled hair ever. Come to think of it, it is too bad you don't live here. You could be my model. :(

jeremy and steph said...

Congrats! I guess we'll just have to see you at the book club then :( No more leisurely monday afternoons for you... :)
It was so fun meeting have such great style and super cute hair :)