Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dear Salt Lake City,

After leaving your wintry wonderland not too long ago, I found myself slightly grateful that I live in constant sunny weather... until today.  I miss wondering your streets and the plethora of things to do downtown.  I miss the Smith's on 4th South in which I saw some man throwing up fairly close to the automated door.  I miss fantastic bike rides and Sunday strolls.  I miss having soft water and wondering what the smell was in the Covey on any particular day.  I miss the lady whose cat ate plastic in our building.  I miss the salt residue and having to get my car washed every week in the winter.  I miss the ever present road construction and the taco vendors by sears on state street.  
I no longer feel the desire to own a cactus or have a rock garden regardless of how cute that song from the Juno soundtrack about the fish who wanted to be a cactus.  I no longer appreciate having to replant grass twice a year.  I thought Utah had bad drivers, but I was wrong.  I do believe I was passed today on the on-ramp to the freeway by a tricycle/ motorcycle/someones midlife crisis.  I felt that was slightly degrading and don't think that would happen in your city, SLC.  Maybe with a stolen grocery cart in which the wheels have locked because it had been taken off the grocery store's property, but not a tricycle.   I am willing to respect your metering lights from now on.  I will appreciate custard for all the glory that it holds.  I will frequent the DI more often and find the treasures that it holds.  I will no longer stare at the one black person in town like they are an alien.  I am willing to change, Salt Lake.  Perhaps we could work out a deal, maybe?

Missing you,


katie k said...

I totally feel the same way? I miss it for different reasons, but it is funny, b/c the whole time I was there, I couldn't wait to leave the state, but now that I have lived away for a while, I miss so many things about SLC. It's like the Joni Mitchel song says "you don't know whatcha got til its gone."

Steve, Brie, Carson, & Landon said...

I agree with you Brooke, and the comment above. I miss Utah, but for different reasons. But I get what you're saying. Having a cactus loses its appeal pretty fast! And the 4th South Smiths, we were there just about every day when we lived downtown. The people there knew us by name! Pretty pathetic actually.

Alyson Ryan said...

It must be a Utah thing. The winter I stayed in Utah was tough. I couldn't wait to get back to Arizona. We could get the zamboni residue from the ice skating rink and you could throw a couple snow balls at ed. I could put some salt water on your car every week. And maybe we can arrange for someone to get sick outside of Smiths... anything to help! :)