Thursday, March 5, 2009

"The Rio"

Since we have moved from Salt Lake, I have had a constant hankering for cafe rio.  The closest one is over an hour away.  I have petitioned to them (yes, it has gotten that bad) and have only received a generic email about how thankful they are that I am obsessed with their food but that is all.  No site plans to build one here.  No date of the ground breaking.  Nothing.  I had to take matters into my own hands.  Melissa made it a few months ago and raved about it.  It truly is right on and incredibly close to Cafe Rio's version.  I'm still trying to make their tortillas.  I've heard the uncooked ones are pretty close, but I have my doubts.


katie k said...

I completely understand. I don't crave it anymore, but when I lived in Chicago right after college I was dying for some cafe rio. One night my friends and I cooked up several concoctions until we found something that tasted like the beloved Rio...

I made sure when I moved back to SLC that I stuffed myself full of C.R. and I don't know if I will ever crave it again.

good luck to you on fulfilling your craving, and those valentino desserts looks DELICIOUS!

Steve, Brie, Carson, & Landon said...

I also have the same problem! I don't know if you like the sweet pork but I have a recipe that tastes exactly like it. I'm really picky with my tortillas, too. I even tried to make homemade ones, don't waste your time, they're not good. But I found a brand called La La's at Basha's and Albertson's that are really good. Let me know if you want my sweet pork recipe!

Alyson Ryan said...

I am a rio girl too! The cilantro ranch is incredible.

We should get to together and we can supply the rio for you.

How about the first friday in May? The Phoenix Art Museum has free admission and free parking (score). We could meet there and Will and I will bring the rio!

Check your calendar and I will check ours!