Saturday, August 1, 2009

DIY- Crib top changing table

We're sharing our office space with the baby so we are limited on the space we have for furniture additionally is the fact that accessory crib furniture is expensive. We liked the over-the-crib changing station but the only ones we could find cost $350, so I decided to build one myself. It cost less than $30 for supplies plus an investment in a drill and drill bit set. Here are the details. if you aren't interesting in the construction scroll to the bottom to see the finished product.

The competition:

Plans for wood cuts on the back of a 3x5 card, designed to be cut from a 24''x48'' sheet of wood. We found some 5/8'' thick laminate pine board that already well sanded at home depot.
Dimensions have an internal size of 32" X 16" which seems to be the standard size of changing pads.

The home depot guy was nice enough to cut the several pieces for us and here are all the pieces laid out on our ikea rug that now serves as the patio covering for all of our projects.

This is furniture for baby so we need to soften the edges. I used the electric sander - one of the best purchases ever and it was just as expensive as buying all the hand sanding tools.

Here's the wood after 2 layers of stain. I used polyshades by minwax, the color is bombay mahogany, statin. 3 coats of stain will eventually go on. I did this in the Arizona afternoon heat, which makes it hard to spread because it drys quickly, but it makes it nice to be able to stain the opposite sides and apply additional coats because it is dry enough to sand after just a few hours.

I drilled and screwed, and glued the panels together. I didn't need to glue it but I go for thorough quality. I probably should have used wood glue but I had gorilla glue at the house. Gorilla glue is the most awesome stuff. It is incredibly strong and adheres to everything. (if you are ever bored get a bottle of gorilla glue and some rocks and just be stunned by how much fun you are having. Gorilla glue is also the worlds biggest pain-it will never, ever, ever, ever come out of your clothes, it will not come off of your hands until you have shed your skin, the instruction recomend to removed it with a chisel or sand paper (if you have the time). The biggest issue is that if foams as it solidifies, this is nice as it fills space but it also comes out of the crevasses. I found a bamboo skewer works really well to pop the foaming bubbles and push glue back into the crevasses as well as useful to wipe off small amounts of excess.

The finished box

This is the bottom of the box. The rear panel hangs down to form the retaining support, and a small piece of wood is placed to be the front retainer.

Here it is is on the crib. The redness of the wood doesn't really come out in this picture but the color is nearly a perfect match with the dark plum colored wood of the crib. Brooke likes it, that the important thing. And baby can awe at the beautiful wood and craftsmanship and he is getting his clean diapers on.


The Frasers said...

K, so I should totally get my hubby to make us one! We just have a pad on our dresser, but Will is always trying to grab the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride poster. He's good at things like that! He made our dresser :)

Cara and Steve said...

That is an awesome idea for a changing table! I've never seen one of those. I love how it matches the crib. We were given a dresser with a changing table, but I'm tempted to do something like that instead to save space.

Melissa [IS•LY] said...

Awesome DIY! You guys did a fabulous job.

Isn't it so funny how such a little person 'needs' so much furniture?!

Alyson Ryan said...

Great job. We love it! I never have heard about a changing table like that, but it is really great.

We are really impressed. When are you going to take orders? :)

Jason and Laura said...

What a great idea!!! :)

Jay and Jess said...

Wow that is incredible! I'd like one for me

Anonymous said...

what a great idea for a changing table!! :) i definitely need to get mike to make one of those.

Jill said...

I absolutely love this idea!! How has it worked with the baby? The only thing I would be afraid of is stability. I might even make two of them - one to hold the baby and then one to place next to it on top of the crib without a changing pad in it so that I could have all of the wipes, diapers, creams handy to use. Where did you get your crib? I love it!

eddie said...

The Changing table has worked great and it a lot easier than one in which the baby is perpendicular to you. we have a changing pad in it that is contoured and so the baby can't go anywhere there is also a safety belt that can be used to lock the baby down. the restraint piece on the bottom only allows a few mm of play. we have teething guards with help prevent slipping on the changing table and prevent scratching of the crib. the whole thing is 5-10 pounds so easy enough to lift off but heavy enough to make it a pain. Two would occlude the crib to a large degree but could work. We have a self from ikea that screws into the wall over the crib where we put supplies which is very handy. the crib is from Downeast home and is a pottery barn discontinued item.

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