Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heather's wedding

When my sister Heather asked me a few months ago if I knew any photographers, I immediately thought of Sarah. I met Sarah ages ago when we both worked at Anthro. We've kept in touch mostly through blogging and I noticed she does photography on the side. She has amazing style and still lives in Utah. Anyway, Heather got her photos from her wedding in the mail yesterday (it took us 6 months to get ours) and they are incredible. I seriously wished we would have had Sarah do our wedding.
G-ma and Esley.
Heather and mom.
the cute couple. don't you love her dress?

seriously, such a good cake.
at the reception.

My sister Missy and me.

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McKell said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I didn't know you worked at Anthro?! It is seriously my favorite place!