Monday, August 9, 2010

As of late

This Summer has been really great. Ed took his boards (so glad those are done) and did fantastic, we moved from our apartment to a house, and I went and stayed with my parents for 2 weeks while Ed was studying. It's been so nice to have him around more but I really miss him being home everyday for lunch. Esley and I have been having fun together with all of the extra time we have.

He is crawling everywhere and is into everything. Disregard his pants not being on in this picture. What can you do?

We've gone swimming ALOT. It's been fun except for the ant infestation.... thats another story.

Esley will do just about anything to watch Baby Einstein.

It's monsoon season here. This was taken right outside our front door. 5 minutes later and we had a mini lake as a road. so crazy.


Anonymous said...

Esley is getting so big!! I can't believe he is crawling now. What a cutie he is. I love the picture of him trying to watch Baby Einsteins..again he is adorable!!

Marci Dawn said...

ohmygosh. i love that esley and the rain storms! im so glad we have become friends!

Mike and Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how old Esley looks! So cute!

Criscell said...

Esley is getting so grown up!! What a darling smile he has. How's your new house? We miss AZ so much!

Jason and Laura said...

He is so cute Brooke!