Monday, August 15, 2011

The summer so far

I feel like every post on here starts with "so much has been going on, where do i even start?" I last posted in April. What happened in May again? Ughhh so much for keeping our blog going for posterity sake, right?

At the end of April, my sis came into town and we went to St. George to visit my parents. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like their child becomes the child of your nightmares during family vacations? The drive was difficult (Esley has now learned how to kick the DVD player-shoot me) and naps were worse. On a lighter note, I did get to enjoy Heather and her cute little Bella.

We went swimming a lot and shopped while my mom watched Esley and Bella.

June was mostly spent around Arizona. We ended up buying a new camera (woo hoo!) and Ed took his boards. So glad to have all the studying and worry over. Now to stress about residency programs...

In July we went to Utah for the month. Ed had a rotation at the U and really, with my excellent experiences of previous car trips why would I pass up another one? (Has anyone else stopped at the Maverick in Nephi... maybe Filmore? with the playground? It is a life saver!) We stayed with Ed's parents for the 4th of July and went to Huntsville for the parade and pancake breakfast.

Getting our watermelon fix :)

Hiking at Millcreek. I absolutely miss hiking in Utah more than anything. 100+ temperatures are not the most welcoming for well, anything.

We were able to meet up with Julie and Owen while we were in Salt Lake. Esley and Owen get along so well even if they are doing their own things. I love this one...

I went to my moms for 2 weeks. I was expecting it to be crazy like it was in May when Heather and I were in town. It was surprisingly so fun and so incredibly easy.

Earlier this month we went to San Diego for a few days before Ed left to Philadelphia for more audition rotations. Overall the trip was good. Vacations aren't really "vacations" with a toddler in tow, but he makes it so much more fun.

I'm happy to say we're back and happy to be in our own little routine again. Ed will be gone until mid October, but we'll see each other here and there between now and then.


Jesica and Chris Fowler said...

Hey Brooke! It was so good to randomly run into you in UT at the children's museum! It's fun you guys are keeping busy. Hang in there with Ed being gone... boo to that! I hope to see you again soon!


Julie said...

Oh my, Esley is always dressed so so cute! You guys have had quite the summer! So fun!

Aubrey said...

Glad you had fun trips! Yes, Addie always seems to have a hard time with change- particularly vacations. In fact, our "vacations" usually turn more into a hassle with her. So you are not the only one!